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Raise is a charitable movement encouraging students to adopt a positive approach towards deliberate, effective giving.

Here are the figures for our national impact:

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How it works


How it Works


We invite students to make a personally significant donation to charity. We recommend a donation of £150 to the Against Malaria Foundation, but welcome any amount that is significant to you.


Thanks to our matched funding, 200% of the money you donate goes directly to AMF. That means that your £150 when doubled will be enough to help protect over 350 people from malaria!


Towards the end of Trinity Term, we will host a Summer Celebration to celebrate the end of exams and our collective impact. There's food and drink, great company and live entertainment!

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Sounds great, where do I sign up?
How else can I get involved?

We're so pleased you've joined, and look forward to celebrating with you; here are a few ways you can help grow the movement:

Tell your friends: Encouraging friends to join is one of the most valuable things you can do - aside from the huge impact of their donations, celebrating is more fun when we do it together! Why not show them our website, share our posts on social media, and invite friends to follow our Facebook page themselves?

Social media: One of the best ways to spread the word is through social media - you could share our Facebook page or one of our posts.

Sponsorship: In order to put on our Summer Party at the end of each year, we rely entirely on the support of our generous partners. If you know anyone who may be interested in supporting Raise and allowing us to grow even more, please do get in touch.

£150 is a lot of money - what if I can't donate that?

We recognise that £150 is a large amount of money for many students, and whilst we have thought carefully about recommending this amount (see next question), it is important to us that any student feels able to join us in celebrating through giving.

As such, whilst we recommend £150, you are welcome to join Raise by making a donation of a size which is significant to you and allows you to put charity at the heart of your end-of-year celebrations. It is central to our philosophy (see here for more) that students actively engage with their decision to celebrate in Trinity through giving, but we recognise that the donation that enables this will not be the same for everyone.

In addition, you have the option of donating in weekly installments, as some have found this more manageable. A weekly donation of £9 from the donations launch up until the party adds up to about £150, which will still be doubled through our matched funding.

Note: We have ensured that our donations page allows you to hide your name and/or donation amount, should you choose.

Why do you recommend £150?

We recognise that £150 is a large amount of money, and substantially more than most students would routinely donate to charity (indeed, that is part of the point!). There are a couple of key reasons we recommend this figure:

Impact: Crucially, the recommended amount, coupled with matched funding, allows us to have an exceptionally large impact for a student charity initiative; your £150 donation, when doubled, can help protect over 350 people from malaria.

Encouraging considered giving: Raise is all about changing the way students think about charity, and we can only achieve this if students engage consciously with the act of donating. By inviting students to give an amount that’s personally significant to them, we hope that all donors will stop and think meaningfully about their decision to donate, and will in turn take this positive, deliberate approach towards giving forward into their future lives. This is why we recommend £150, or a donation of any size significant to the donor.

Ball Symbolism: The £150 figure is representative of the cost of many ball tickets - this is symbolic of our belief that charity can be embraced as an integral part of Trinity celebrations, on a par with balls.

I'm already going to a ball. Is Raise really for me? (Hint: yes, definitely!)

Of course, Raise is for everyone - whether you're going to three balls or none, we welcome you to join our growing community and put charity at the heart of your celebrations. Raise is an alternative way to celebrate, but that doesn't mean you can't take part in other things going on!

Can I donate to a different charity?

At Raise, we think very carefully about which charity to recommend (see below), particularly given how much money students are donating. However, we recognise that some students may want to join us in celebrating through giving, but would prefer to donate to a different charity. This is absolutely fine, but please get in touch with us beforehand so that we are aware.

Note: All matched funding will still go to Against Malaria Foundation.

Why do you recommend donating to AMF?

At Raise, we think very carefully about which charity to recommend. When students are making such significant donations, we want to make sure the money is doing as much good as it possibly can. To make our decision, we have taken the advice of independent charity evaluators GiveWell and Giving What We Can, which both rank AMF as one of the most effective charities in the world.

Tragically, malaria causes 400,000 preventable deaths every year, disproportionately affecting young children and pregnant women, and has a knock-on effect on the local economy. AMF works with local partners to provide life-saving bed-nets which protect people as they sleep. To find out more about their work, see here.

Because AMF's intervention is so effective at preventing malaria, each donation can have a huge impact. For example, a donation of £150, doubled through matched funding, can help protect 350 people. For example, the money raised by our sister organisation, MWA, in Cambridge in 2019 was enough to protect over 40,000 people - more than double the student population of Cambridge.

What makes Raise different to a charity ball?

At Raise, our mission is to encourage students to adopt a positive, deliberate approach towards giving. As such, we focus on ensuring that each student who chooses to join can engage meaningfully with the impact of their donation. The primary role of the Summer Party is to facilitate this engagement, as an enjoyable opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate our collective impact. However, it is not the most important element of what we do, nor the purpose of donating.

Crucially, the donation students make to join Raise does not constitute ‘buying a ticket’ to the party. Indeed, the funding of our summer celebration is completely separate to the donation (it’s funded through a combination of additional voluntary contributions from donors and external sponsorship). Many students have joined Raise without attending the Summer Party at all.

If 100% of donations go to charity, how do you put on the Summer Party? What's it like?

The Summer Party is a chance for us to celebrate our collective impact and say thank you to everyone who has supported Raise throughout the year — everyone who has donated (whatever the amount) is invited. will be music, food, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and live entertainment, as well as the chance to enjoy the collective atmosphere of celebration at the end of the year with the rest of the Raise community and reflect on the impact our donations have made. Many of those who attended the Summer Party of our sister organisation in Cambridge last year said that the feel-good atmosphere was the highlight of their May Week!

The exact format of the summer party this year will, of course, vary in line with government restrictions and we will keep the community updated on this through our social media channels.

Crucially, 100% of the money students donate goes directly to charity — none of it is used to fund the party. To make the Summer Party as enjoyable and meaningful as possible, we rely on the generous support, both financial and in-kind, of donors who buy into the Raise philosophy. Our venue will be donated for free, performers offer their time for free, and the food and drink will either be donated by local companies or paid for by sponsors. If you or anyone you know is able to support us through in-kind donations or sponsorship, please get in touch.

Our Philosophy

We believe that choosing to give deliberately, rather than engaging with charity passively or out of obligation, can be a positive and rewarding experience. As such, we invite students to make a personally significant donation as a way of celebrating the end of the academic year.

We aim to show that by putting giving at the heart of celebration, we can have a huge impact and a wonderful time in the process. Our Summer Party embodies this philosophy, as students come together to celebrate the collective impact of their donations.

We encourage students to take this positive, meaningful approach to giving forwards into their future lives, ultimately creating a culture whereby deliberate, effective giving is normalised at university and beyond.

Check out the TEDx talk of George Rosenfeld, the founder of our sister organisation MWA, titled: 'Rethinking Celebration: The Positive Case for Giving', which talks all about our feel-good philosophy!

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